The Tangerine Dream: MU Format Modular, Analog Synthesizer.

The Tangerine Dream Analog, Modular Synthesizer. Based on circuit designs from Ray Wilson, Thomas Henry, Michael Barton, YuSynth, Saint Gillis, Roman Sowa & 110VAC 1.5Amp Power Input with +/- 12VDC operation Total build time: About 350 hours Constructed into a hexagon Read more

PreenFM2: Digital Polyphonic FM Synthesizer

PreenFM2 Digital FM Synthesizer 6 Oscillators 2 Envelopes 3 LFO Polyphony & Tuning up to 14 voice Polyphony 4 channel Timbrality Patches RAM: 128 Multipatches RAM: 256 Storage: USB Editing: USB MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, MIDI USB Arpeggiator +Arpeggiator syncable to Read more