About the artist SixbySeven


In photography, 6 x 7 centimeters was called the perfect format. Perfection is subjective, but the ratio was made to suit our preference for visual balance. Six by Seven was also my favorate film size and the product of 6 & 7, is also the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything…. 42.


My professional work experience spans 40+ years, and has mostly been confined to the technical & engineering roles within various industrial sectors. Throughout those years, I maintained studies (even as a full time student). My distant experience is rich with electrical and mechanical design experience while the last 20 years has focused on computer software, embedded systems, and management. My employers have been diverse, and range from research, aerospace & healthcare, through manufacturing, & higher education,

Throughout my life, I have also maintain a strong passion for art and learning. I love the work of other artists, and practice my own studies in photography, music and mashing technology with various artistic media. My life needs a balance between my passion for art and work that provides me with security and an income to see my passion fulfilled.


 I hold a college technology diploma in mechanical engineering, with certificates in mechanical systems, robotics, electronics, microcircuits, and computer design. I have a Canadian university honors B.Sc. degree in computer science and artificial intelligence, and a Canadian university graduate M.Sc. degree in Information Systems management. I also have many certificates in business, management and leadership. I have taken dozens of self-interest course in art and humanities. Everything from cooking to sculpting, video processing to music production, religion and culture to ancient history.


Todd Murray (aka SixbySeven) is a Hamilton, Ontario resident and has been involved with electro-media art and photography for over 30 years. He has been a past president of the Hamilton Camera Club and is one of the founding members of the Studio 12 Artistic Photographers Collective on James St. N.

Todd has assisted artist and studios with various technical projects and is available for workshops on using technology for artistic endeavours including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronics, robotics and synthesizers. You can find Todd and many of the synth-socials or electronic media art shows across the Hamilton region. More information for current events can be found on Todd’s Facebook page here.

About this site.

This site is focused toward the creative person and the creative process. The audience can be anyone, but considers the Artist, Maker, and Creative person who may not have a technical background. Creativity and art help individuals, organizations and communities grow. It provides the basis for generating fresh ideas, new concepts and invention.

I believe that anyone can be creative or inventive, we just need to model our thought process to assist us. Keep an open mind, maintain a healthy distance from negativity and find passion in what you are doing and then practice, practice, practice.

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