I choose the Mini Synth MKII over the Mini Synth Ultimate for two reason. The first is that I believe Ray designed the MKII after the Ultimate was released. In fact schematically, many design elements and concepts in the Ultimate, made its way into the MKII. Many parts are almost identical in nature. Ray also stated in the build documentation that he had more consistent results using the paired 3904s and 3906s than he did with the DIP packages of the harder to obtain SSM2210s. The second reason had to do with the ability to modularize the MKII easily, and therefore minimize components and unneeded parts. I intend to integrate this synth into my final “Magical Musical Room” art concept, where everything in a room connects and integrates forming a wall of sound. So, minimally only 2 VCOs were needed, as I have 6 other VCOs (from different designers) being added into the mix. I also have additional envelopes, LOFs, ring modulators, percussion machines being added as well.