New Synth Design!!!

All the parts and materials have arrived, and I just finished the panel layout. This synthesizer will be designed as a “mini-modular” type, all packed into a single wooden box. The design will have a Jules Verne look to it. Not quite steampunk, much more in line with physicists in the age of discovery.  It is called the Delphi-Chord after a Delphic Accordion or Mysterious Music Machine.

For those into hardware analogs and modulars, the specs will be:

  • 2-VCOs tuned to 1v/Oct.
  • 2- Envelope Generators
  • 1-LFO,
  • 1-VCA
  • 1-State variable VCF
  • 1- Sample & hold
  • CV mixer.
  • The VCOs will track accurately from 5 through possibly 7 octaves.
  • Interface with any other commercial or DIY CV capable synthesizer.