What do I do with all these synths?

Here are 4 tracks I created and perform at various shows. Notice the various sounds that the synthesizers make. All of these compositions and cover songs utilize digital, analog and hybrid synthesizers. The compositions also use many of the DIY sythesizers found here.

Love on a Real Train (Tangerine Dream Cover)

Pipeline (Alan Parsons Cover)

Sticks in the Street.

Things to do with Sticks.

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My Current Synthesizer Studio and Stage Box Setups

Main Studio Racks:

The main rack in my studio houses the synths I use for developing melodies, sequences and compositions. I can also patch the synths from my performance box into this rack, if I want to use some of the synths from there, or any other synths. The links below are to either reviews or to other pages in this site. I don’t really endorse anyone’s products, and any links reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. If you are intending on getting into synths, you need to develop your own sound, likes, dislikes, workflow, etc. Don’t let anyone else tell you anything you do is right or wrong.


Main Stage Performance Box (The Fridge):




Note: I DO NOT endorse or recommend any commercial products listed on this site. Links are supplied to provide information for functionality, features, specs, etc. I leave it to the reader to augment their information before deciding on which piece of equipment to buy.