March 2020 through August 2020,  Hamilton, Ontario

Anne Foster Windows


Artist’s Statement for PUSH!

Control voltage is the use of an electrical signal to manipulate components in various analog circuits for many different purposes. Analog music synthesizers in particular, use control voltage to provide the pitch, timbre, tone and build a profile of a particular sound. Voltage is the “Push” that causes electrons to move through a wire and initiate this control process.

Push is an exertion of influence to promote another’s interests. My passion for jazz fusion and electronic music complements my interest in building useful things with repurposed materials. The result is a series of music sculptures that can be played as individual musical instruments or be combined in an orchestrated electronic symphony. Some of my projects include parts scrounged from old military aircraft, telephone and industrial equipment or everyday items. If I find an old, beat-up instrument that many people would consider trash, I rework it knowing there is a beautiful sound object within it.

Push is to urge or press the advancement, adoption, or practice of something.  I love teaching and instructing anyone with an interest in music synthesizers and electronic music. Synthesizers are also designed by the online ‘Open Source’ community, where anyone can download computer manufacturing files, software and schematics to build their own creation. The point is: there really is not a single way, methodology or rationale anyone can use to point to a single path to success for creativity or electronic music. We do however constantly need to Push the boundaries of any art form.