I am a huge fan of electronic music, and have been ever since I heard sounds in 1950s science-fi or horror films. The first full electronic sound track I listened to was from the film “A Clockwork Orange”, with much of it performed by Wendy Carlos. I went on to become a fan of: Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock, Jean-Michel Jarre, Soft Machine, Genesys, Rick Wakeman. and then headed into Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Georgio Moroder… and then the 80s happened…. Man, synth pop was everywhere and I was 22.

Today, as I approach 61 years of age, I decided to revamp my web site and expand on my favourite topic Electronic Music Synthesis. I call it that, because it is a broad definition and does not limit anyone to how they make music with electricity. Digitally, Analog, or some yet to be derived means of extracting brain waves… I don’t care, I will enjoy it and share it here. The audience of this site is focused more toward the less technical, but there may be technical elements mentioned throughout. If you are new to synthesizers, or have been building or playing them for years, you should find some interest.

I spend much of my free time, building synthesizers, performing with them or sitting down and creating music.  There is always an album I am working on, a show I am trying to create or just playing and experimenting with sound. I am also very fortunate to work with other builders from around the world, on custom synthesizers and commercial prototypes.

This section of the site is also divided up along those same lines:

Custom and DIY Synthesizers. Here you will find hand made, one of a kind synthesizers and synthesizers built from designs of others around the world. I also cover some commercial kits and open source projects.

Performing and playing synthesizers. Information about my setup, my music and a section of links for learning all about synthesizers. I also have issues like inter-connectivity, recording, and technical aspects like noise elimination, and how-to guides.

Inside commercial synthesizers. Tear downs and discussions about commercial synthesizers.