MIDI, CV and USB Utilities

How to Get Laptops, Sequencers and other DYI or commercial synthesizers to ‘play nice’ together.

Note: This page is ever growing so check back often as new projects are added. Projects titles without links are current projects under construction.

So you have built your synthesizer, and you want to be able to play it using the latest Arturia Keystep, or Ableton Live or maybe even a Linnstrument. Well, no worries as there are a lot of interfaces out there. There are some commercial companies like Kenton , who make various MIDI, USB and CV products. But the costs can start to add up, buying interfaces for various requirements, especially if you don’t use many of the features.

But there are however, quite a few interfaces you can make yourself:

MIDI (DIN) to CV Projects.

USB (MIDI) to CV Projects.

MIDI (DIN) Splitters: Send your control output to multiple synths simultaneously.